My Beloved India

self explanatory



a bull attending a Bhagavat Saptah

kids on their way to day school

the school bus

Is this Yoga?

begging outside the temple

recycling area

snake charmer


we have the best prices in the bazaar - no bull

barber continues doing business after the earthquakes in the Gujarat

Here is proof that the Pipal tree remains more sacred than the football game

Final in the football results:

Indian cricket central

the bhais making leg byes

remember the days when it used to be Krishna's or Govinda's, Gopal's or even Gandhi's???

portable computer Indian style


I think we are getting full, room for a few more on top........

yes that's more like it, watch that bridge

it can be crowded in the Sahara Desert too


Go mutra, the natural way to antiseptic wash for your hair
.....good for the liver too if drunk

this is at a temple at Deshnoke where they see the rat carrier of the elephant headed God
Deva Ganesh as devotees serving their lord, the rats there are also served as his devotees

and there's the rat carrier bottom right

om gang ganapataye namah

catching the morning bus with work mates

sleep is not a problem in Vietnam too, where to sleep that is sometimes the problem

a new age baba, with cell phone and cigarette

on a hot day a monkey stops for a refreshing cold coke

there's a lot in a name eh

yes good luck if you eat ice creams from these street vendors

ice waiting to be transported, yes probably for your next cold drink or ice cream vendor

give a doggie a break, its hot out

Delhi ice cream walla

the family bike in China

er I think its meant to be Chilled Beer, not child bear

usually prounouced "Wagina" nothing better to eh

check out these pictures also of our temple compound
in Mayapur during the Monsoon floods of 2006

special delivery, one top heavy truck full of hay

I think its just a little over loaded, it does happen you know

come on, get a guy a break, lemme sit down a minute

on the way to work Delhi - Agra highway, near Vrindavan

villagers getting around

hello can you hear me? I think we have our lines crossed

hello hello, hello hello - .......we seem to have a crossed line

adds a whole new dimension to the Bus conductor's phrase "Room for one more on top"

notice the lone Gouri tourist on top

happy as pigs in stool

the generator - the life saviour.......when its 45 degrees celcius plus, and the fans go off,
or the air conditioning unit stops, this is when one appreciates the mighty generator

solar power - hey a sadhu has to have his laptop plugged in somewhere

sanitary refuge inspectors

local train

air conditioned seating - just watch the overhead wires

all aboard


the new Indian style toilet for Eastern and Western users

the regular Indian toilet

improvised toilet seat

opportunists on the way to work 

the local launderette

Kumbha-mela in Allahabad 1940s
Here's a good Kumbha mela page and another HERE

naga babas splashing at kumbha mela

....its a railway car !!!!

ooooops I missed the train


using a mental floss in Pakistan

I wonder if the sadhu keeps the bandhar (monkey) just to catch fleas and lice in the hair.

can you imagine going over a viaduct on a train like that, and the track is no wider than the train

much more beautiful - Mona-sundari

business was a bit slow and the weather a bit hot

roadside dentist

no further comment

local newsagent, newspaper shop

advertisement for colgate toothpaste

okay Tata horn please....elephant will trumpet

Indian mail box

sorry we ran out of ties so we're using his tie

Mumbai airport

one way to get noticed by the people eh

local village bhais coming back from the fields

I wonder why it had to be written...............

and he did

what would O.S.H say???

levitating rickshaw walla

local chillum baba,

side please.......

a posh eatery, somewhere in Mexico?

.....would you like swastika fries with that? (nothing to do with the above photo)

looking for a good vegetarian place to eat


this is the guy you always get when you ring Microsoft Technical Help

Computer classes for kids in rural India

where'd the rickshaw walla go???

surrogate mother

Rush Hour

and so are we

what a journey

hahaha could have been worse eh